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Recruitment and Healthcare Licensing

Dr. Ottilia Brown

Clinical Psychologist(South Africa)
I wrote my Clinical Psychology DHA exam last week and I passed. I would like to thank you sincerely for the service you provided in getting me to this point. Applying for licensure in another country is a daunting task. Your instructions on what to do for documentation were clear and simplified the process tenfold. I had so many questions before starting the process and during the process and I am sure I will still have a few. However, all of these were addressed with utmost patience long before I even decided to sign up for the service. Prompt responses to what may seem like trivial questions, were always available. I am particularly grateful to Shirley who answered questions before I got started, and Veena who became involved after I made payment. Veena also cracked the impossible, finding out what I had to study for the exam, no-one seemed to know.
With much appreciation, Ottilia