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Recruitment and Healthcare Licensing

License Transfer Application

Transferring your license is an application process required for professionals who are already working on one of the Emirates, but now wish to work in the other emirates .We can help facilitate the license transfer process to MOH, HAAD or DHA in a few easy steps.
Our fees include:

  • Initial Application Fees
  • Data Flow Transfer Fees
  • Three additional documents which will need to be verified by Data Flow
  • Consultation Fees
  • Job Search Assistance

For license transfer applications to HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi), only Data Flow verification will be conducted. Credentialing and CID will not be done unless the candidate already has a facility/employer for it to be linked to, after which we or the employer can complete the process to avoid the application being disapproved. The Good Standing will need to have a 3 month validity prior to credentialing in all cases. For those working for Government Facilities, an End of Service Certificate will be required when applying for a new license in another authority.

Note: We do not issue the license, we apply to the health authority. Once you have found employment the employer will issue the license under their facility

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