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50% saving on Exam Papers in March

Save 50% on Exam Papers in March! If you are a Doctor or Healthcare professional serious about working in the UAE, then you will need to pass your Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Health (MOH) or Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) licensing exams. These exams can be extremely daunting, so ensuring that you are as prepared as possible will give you your best possible chance of passing fi


20% saving on relocation guidance

Are you serious about relocating to the UAE? Put your mind at rest with our Assessment and Guidance Packages Throughout March, we're offering a 20% discount on our Primary Assessment Package and our Relocation Guidance Package. These packages are perfect for Doctors and Healthcare staff who are considering relocating to the UAE but who either aren't sure if they are eligible; or who have


Introducing our Biggest Ever Discount

For the next 14 days only, you can save up to 40% on UAE professional licensing. Doctors in Dubai have got an incredible offer on UAE professional licensing applications available until 21st February. We're offering Doctors and Allied Health staff between 20% and 40% off of their licensing packages, depending on their profession and what licensing packages they select. A breakdown of the dis


Sticking to your New Year’s Resolution

We’re now almost a month into the New Year and by now a lot of people will have failed with their New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it is to lose weight or focus on a hobby, by now chances are that the resolution has failed. If, however, your New Year’s Resolution was to make a change, or to find yourself a new job, then don’t despair, Doctors in Dubai are here to help. Our dedicated team m


Start 2018 by getting your UAE Professional License and save 15%

If your goal for 2018 is to find a new medical job in the UAE, then as you probably already know you will need to get a UAE professional license in place. The team at Doctors in Dubai are experts at helping Doctors and other medical professionals obtain their UAE licence. Doctors in Dubai have a proven track-record of drastically reducing license application times, as well as taking all the press


Got questions about relocating to the UAE? Take advantage of our new specialist consultation service?

Our specialist team of experienced consultants speak with Doctors and other Healthcare professionals on a daily basis to advise and support them with their plans to move to Dubai or other part of the UAE to take advantage of the financial benefits and lifestyle across the region. In our experience, those thinking of relocating fall into the following two camps. The first are those who have pre