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Got questions about relocating to the UAE? Take advantage of our new specialist consultation service?

Our specialist team of experienced consultants speak with Doctors and other Healthcare professionals on a daily basis to advise and support them with their plans to move to Dubai or other part of the UAE to take advantage of the financial benefits and lifestyle across the region. In our experience, those thinking of relocating fall into the following two camps. The first are those who have pre


Praise for the UAE's recent Breast Cancer awareness campaign

There has been a raft of praise for the UAE from both the general public and health professionals alike for the UAE’s recent Breast Cancer awareness campaign. The campaign has been highlighting aspects of this devastating disease, including the importance of screening and early detection, as well as the latest advancements in treatment. One of the results of this issue being raised in the publ


Get your UAE professional license in place for 2018 and save up to 30%!

If you are serious about working as a Doctor or healthcare professional in the UAE in 2018, then you will need to obtain your UAE professional license. As you are probably aware, the license you need depends on the region that you would like to work in. You can find details of our Dubai Health Authority (DHA) License, Ministry of Health (MOH) License, Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) License and


VIDEO: Why relocate to the UAE?

In our latest video, Kaneez discusses the many benefits of working in the UAE. If you would like to know more about relocating, please get in touch with us on


Want a new Healthcare job in 2018? Get the right UAE professional license

With only two months left of the year, those who want to relocate to a new job in the UAE in 2018 will need to ensure they get the right professional license. In order to help you get the UAE license that you need, Doctors in Dubai is offering an incredible 15% discount on licensing packages until the end of the year. • For healthcare jobs in Dubai, you will need a Dubai Health Authority


Based in India? Speak to us in person about the License Process and Relocating to the UAE

Over the past few years there has been a marked increase in Doctors relocating from India to the UAE, to access the TAX FREE financial and lifestyle benefits of working there. If you are considering relocating yourself (and perhaps your family) to another country, it can be a huge decision. You want to work with the best possible partners to make this happen and will want to get to know the pe


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