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Recruitment and Healthcare Licensing



How can I register for your packages?

How can Doctor Expat help me?

So how does this work?

Am I exempt from the exam if I meet the criteria?

I dont have a license in my home country where I am currently working, can I still apply for the UAE License?

What kind of information would this be?

What is PSV

What is the validity for Good Standing Certificate (GSC)?

What do you mean by Good Standing Certificate (GSC)?

How long will this whole registration process take?

So once this has been done, what happens next?

Do you also apply for our license? Does your package include exam fees?

Can you give me a full breakdown of your license TRANSFER packages?

Can you give me a full breakdown of your SINGLE license packages?

Can you give me a full breakdown of your DUAL license packages?

Can you give me a full breakdown of your TRIPLE license packages?

What are dual packages?

Why would we need to apply for both?

If I purchase a dual package, will you apply for all of them simultaneously?

Why can't you apply for them together?

What if I already have Data Flow?

What if I already have Data Flow?

Do I need to sit for the Prometric exam in Dubai/ Abu Dhabi only?

Will Doctor Expat help me find a job?

If I change my mind after I have paid, how can I get a refund?

Do you charge us in finding a job?

What is Malpractice Insurance?

What happens if I fail the exam?

Where is your office located?

Are the exam papers actual past papers?  

What if I dont want to apply for the licence yet and just want help in finding a job?

Once I get the license, how long is it valid for?

How do you accept payment?

I heard all licenses have been unified. What does this mean?

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