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Recruitment and Healthcare Licensing

Refund Policy

Licensing Packages Refund Policy

1. Primary Assessment Packages – All the documents submitted will be verified according to the rules and guidelines of the Health Authority. Doctors in Dubai will assess these and inform whether we can/or cannot proceed with your application.

2. License Packages – Documents are all submitted to the Health Authorities and Dataflow exam registration and is dependent on various factors including the regulatory body decision.

3. Payments for packages are NON-REFUNDABLE in any circumstances unless purchased by mistake. If you do not purchase the primary assessment package, it would be the candidates responsibility to make their own arrangements in checking that they meet the eligibility criteria on the relevant websites before making payment.

Terms of Agreement

  • Doctors in Dubai is not responsible for any missing/uncompleted documents from the applicant side.
  • Healthcare professionals who DO NOT submit the paperwork within the required time-scale of approximately 2 months could be subject to an increase in fees only IF the costs increase by the Health Authorities.
  • Doctors in Dubai is not responsible of delay on the application due the following reasons: A -License Title not matching the expertise certificates B- Unclear documents C- Non-recognized certificates by the Health regulatory. D- False information
  • Doctors in Dubai Package covers
      • 1 Education
      • 2 Health License
      • 3 Relevant Experiences as per the Health Regulation PQR.
  • Additional educational qualification may be verified if required at an additional cost of AED309 per qualification which may need to be requested from you.
  • Doctors in Dubai is not responsible for any change in the governmental fees from the regulatory body during processing of your application. The applicant will have to pay the difference accordingly
  • For doctors who have provided false information where the case has been rejected the applicant has no right for any refund of the package fees
  • Doctors in Dubai will not be held responsible in case the regulatory committee, after assessment of your application decides to approve downgrade of license that you have applied for, eg. (Consultant to Specialist)

Payment Confirmation
Once you have submitted all your documentation to us you will receive confirmation email from our licensing team within 24 hours.

All Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.


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